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An Energy Reading with me is designed to provide you with higher guidance, channelled insights and practical advice to help you discover and align with your highest potential, soul purpose and path. 


In working with me, I tune into your ethereal blueprint; the energy field that is unique to each one of us and contains information about your past, present and potential future/s as well as your soul gifts, essence and purpose. In doing so, I am able to clairvoyantly see and channel through guidance that will help you live life at your highest level. 


Session guidance is always channeled through and delivered in a positive, empowering, uplifting and down-to-earth way, with the intention to support you in your physical day-to-day life.


If you want to discover and align with your soul gifts and highest potential, are going through a life change or challenging time, feel lost or stuck, or have the desire to make a difference in the world and want to know what your purpose in this life is, an Energy Reading will provide the clarity, insight and direction needed to move forward. 


To learn more about what happens in an Energy Reading and book in, please see individual session descriptions below.

Energy Readings 


Personal Energy Reading

A personal energy reading starts with a calming energy attunement (healing ritual), before tuning into your energy field to channel messages and information based on your questions and current situation. We talk about what you would like to know and what will help you on your life journey, focusing on your work, relationship, health, finances or any questions and areas that mean the most to you. I will also tune in to and share your unique soul gifts, relevant past lives and potential blocks on your path.


If it is your first session, I will also tune into and share your soul essence and energy frequency, which is shown to me as a specific colour and soul ‘archetype’. Sessions blend higher channelled guidance with practical steps, and guidance is always shared in a positive, empowering and supportive way.

90 mins / AU$170

60 mins / AU$150

Energy Attunement 

An energy attunement is a healing session that combines reiki, energy balancing and an intuitive reading. The focus of this session is to harmonise your energy field and provide guidance based on what you need in this moment in time. A beautiful ritual designed for those who may not have any specific questions and are seeking intuitive guidance, or who are feeling stressed, going through change and are seeking an uplifting and deeply restorative experience. Can be held in-person or via distance.

45 mins  /   AU$120

"I was immediately struck by Linda’s warmth and kindness. Being new to energy readings, she took the time to explain the process to me in detail. Throughout the reading, I was hooked. We touched on many aspects of my life where I had been “stuck” for some time, and it felt like speaking to a good friend - so natural and positive, supportive and full of such helpful, practical guidance. Linda allowed me to ask an abundance of questions and she answered them with clarity and confidence. Linda’s passion for her work and desire to help others is so evident. She is very wise and wanted to ensure before I left that I was happy with my reading. I left with a spring in my step - excited about what lay ahead and practical tasks to undertake such as ideas to research further. It felt like my life paralysis had been lifted.  I can’t wait until our next session."

RJ - Brisbane, AUS