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Hi & welcome, 

I’m Linda, psychic channeller and energy intuitive who helps people uncover their highest potential, path and soul gifts.


In working with you, I tune into your ethereal blueprint; the energy field that is unique to each one of us and contains information about your past, present and potential future/s, and reveals what your inherent soul gifts, life purpose and true essence are. By working with your energy field, I'm able to clairvoyantly see and channel through guidance that will help you live life at your highest level. 


Ethereal  / i-ˈthir-ē-əl / :

of or relating to the regions beyond the physical; celestial, spiritual

I've been aware of my intuitive abilities since I was 4 years old and have been practicing professionally for the past ten years across a number of professions - in both spiritual and more 'traditional' jobs. Initially as a nutritionist creating intuitive eating plans and as a business mentor helping founders grow their businesses by visualising their highest path and suggesting tangible actions to reach their goals, before transitioning into working with reiki healing and mediumship, and today, as a psychic channel.


Drawing on my experience, sessions with me are always down to earth and focused on connecting your physical day-to-day life with the world of spirit, offering channelled guidance and practical advice for you to reach your potential in an empowering, loving and uplifting way. 


To learn more about energy readings and book in for a session with me, please go here. To read my full story, how I came to do this work (and some soul intel for the curious), please click the ‘My Story’ button below.

With love,



The highest truth of all is Love,


The highest truth of all is love.

This message is what guides my work today. Sharing it and helping clients align with the love that is within them, is the purpose behind what I do.


Love is the most powerful force in the known Universe. It is your true nature; who you are and who you came here to be.


Love heals, breaks through blockages and barriers of time, space and matter, and encourages you to rise higher.

When you stand in true worth and love for yourself and others and harness its force, love becomes your most powerful ally in creating the life that you truly want to live. 


Listen to it, and it will lead you on to the path of happiness, connection and purpose. If you ever forget its message or get lost in fear, love will bring you back to your truth.

My Story

I was aware of my psychic abilities from a very young age, as many children are, even though we often repress or hide our abilities as we grow up. The most vivid memory I have is from being 4 years old and clearly seeing a radiant female spirit while out in the forest with my friend and her mum. I remember being completely enveloped in a sense of warmth, kindness and most of all love, looking at her in complete awe as she spoke to me (telepathically). 

To me there was nothing strange with this experience, but when I told the adults around me no one believed me and dismissed my experience as ‘vivid imagination’. Eventually I gave up, thinking there was something wrong with me and so for a long time, I hid my abilities and rejected what I saw and heard. The exception was speaking with my spirit guide - all of us have at least one guardian who are with us from birth and they never leave our side.

My gifts resurfaced at the age of 17 after going through a challenging few years - I often say that I’ve experienced enough lows for the first 25 years of my life to last me a few lifetimes in every area - health, relationships, career and self-worth. Today, I’m truly grateful for my life experience as it’s given me a deep understanding of what it’s like to feel lost, disconnected and in pain, but to also have dreams, a knowing that you are here for a bigger reason and a desire to be truly happy.

Connecting with a higher consciousness is what has always given me the strength and purpose to keep going on my path, and the knowing that there is always equal light to be found in the painful lows as it is in the blissful highs. 

I’ve been working with my intuitive abilities for the past ten years, in both spiritual and more 'traditional' jobs. Initially as a nutritionist creating intuitive eating plans, and later a business mentor helping founders grow their businesses by visualising and recommending the best path to take to reach their goals.


Despite being fascinated by the metaphysical, exploring work in reiki healing and mediumship and the profound joy I felt from working with the spiritual, it took deep inner work for me to accept, integrate and liberate the part of me that I had rejected for so long, my true self, before I could transition into working exclusively as a psychic channel. 

Today I know that my divine path and soul essence is that of a guide, and my purpose is to help you bridge the connection between your soul and physical life, and to light the way for you to rise — to reconnect with your true self and inner knowing, activate your soul gifts and align with your divine purpose.


Thank you for sharing in my story, and allowing me to be part of yours. I’m so glad that you are here.